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Uchman i Partnerzy Spółka Doradztwa Podatkowego is one of the leading law firms specializing in tax law.

B2B offer

The offer of the Uchman i Partnerzy law firm is addressed to companies and tailored to the needs of a business client. We provide comprehensive tax advisory services in the area of national law, international tax law, related entities, tax proceedings and court and administrative proceedings. We provide full advisory support in the ongoing operations of the company and in the event of problems with the tax administration.

Thanks to our specialization, we have developed a unique offer of tax advisory services responding to the growing needs of companies in this area, adapted to systemic changes in tax law and management of increasing tax risk.

Our values

The tax security of our clients is a key value for us. We focus on conscious management of tax risk based on knowledge. We work in a transparent manner. We attach great importance to presenting our services in the simplest possible way, legible for people who do not deal with taxes. We build partnership relations with our clients based on responsibility and credibility.


Specialization in the area of tax law

Tax law is the most complex area of law. It requires an interdisciplinary approach based on legal and economic knowledge. Specialization gives us the opportunity to constantly deepen our professional competences. Thanks to it, we can be proud of our unique experience in handling tax matters. In the area of tax consultancy, we are an alternative to corporate consulting companies. Only a law firm specialized in tax law can operate at the highest substantive level.

Company data

Entity authorized to perform tax advisory activities: Uchman i Partnerzy sp. Z oo Spółka Doradztwa Podatkowy

Entity entered in the register of legal persons authorized to provide tax advice under number 485.

Company registration data: Uchman i Partnerzy Sp. z o. o., ul. Chłodna 64/217, 00-872 Warsaw.

Entered in the Register of Entrepreneurs by the District Court for the capital city of Warsaw in Warsaw, 12th Commercial Division, KRS number 0000487658, NIP 946 264 64, share capital PLN 500,000.

Expert knowledge and specialized team

About us

Tax advisers

The key members of our team are tax advisers with expert knowledge of tax law, who are experienced practitioners. The team includes specialists in specific areas of tax law, including international tax law, representing taxpayers in tax proceedings and court and administrative proceedings, specialists in the field of transfer pricing and corporate reorganization.

About us

Legal advisers

Our team also includes legal counsels who provide comprehensive legal support for clients and ongoing tax projects. They deal with comprehensive corporate services for companies, service and negotiation of contracts, and support for reorganization processes. In addition, the support they provide allows us to provide services embedded in various areas of law, especially economic law.

About us

Economic analysts

The team is supplemented by analysts dealing with the analysis of market conditions of transactions and a benchmark for transfer pricing. In addition, the economic team analyzes the business justification for the activities undertaken for the purposes of reporting tax schemes, the tax evasion clause and the so-called small anti-abusive clauses. We also have accounting and cost calculation specialists. As one of the few, we can boast of a specialized economic team that conducts analyzes for tax purposes.


Power engineering
IT industry
Food industry
Construction industry
Chemical industry

Our practice areas

  • International tax law and model acts
  • Due diligence procedures, VAT, MDR, WHT, etc.
  • Affiliates and Transfer Pricing. Tax capital group
  • Special economic zone, supporting new investments, R&D, IP BOX

  • VAT and excise tax
  • Business reorganization. Intergenerational succession
  • Corporate and personal income tax
  • Tax proceedings, court and administrative proceedings

Our services

Current service / Tax compliance

Ongoing services in the area of tax law are aimed at supporting the company in managing the organization's compliance with tax law. She is focused on the ongoing tax assessment of events in the company and the protection of people against personal liability. It can be implemented as permanent support or ad hoc in a situation of emerging needs. The service most often ordered by the company's accounting departments and financial directors.

Tax audit / due diligence

Tax audit is aimed at analyzing and diagnosing the company's condition in terms of tax risk and the possibility of implementing corrective actions. It may refer to individual taxes, periods, selected events or areas of the company's operation. The reason for the audit is most often the sale or reorganization of the company, personnel changes in key positions of the company, job evaluation. It is the basic tool for tax risk management.

Tax planning

Tax planning is a key service supporting the decision-making process related to taking new business activities. It includes the tax preparation of a new venture with particular emphasis on the analysis of tax risk and its security. The service is most often used when planning new domestic and foreign business structures, company reorganization, new investments, and key contracts.

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